UAE based coffee company launches first truly degradable coffee capsule


Loose Unicorns, the first speciality coffee subscription in the Middle East, continues to poke its horn into the coffee business and craft something different, yet to be discovered in the UAE: 100% compostable capsules that are compatible with any Nespresso(™) machine. In addition to having speciality coffee capsules, coffee snobs will be able to get their fix by going online and choosing how they want their beans and getting them delivered the next day, whole or ground.


For those who are still wondering what speciality coffee is all about, it’s time to take a quick glance. Coffee has been lifted to another level, much more complex than how it used to be. The speciality movement introduces high-quality coffee in the market, innovative ways of brewing and the spirit of crafted coffee. The process is simple by its nature, yet complex: it comes from a specific place, it is grown at a certain altitude, where harvesting and processing are done manually and with thoughtfulness by farmers.


Good coffee comes from people who care, therefore Loose Unicorns has a dedicated team, who understands that, in order to transmute a regular morning cup into an experience, there are a few steps that cannot be skipped: to work as close as possible with farmers and direct trade coffee, to find the right roastery which is able to perceive the quality of the beans and tailor the profiles for each batch to perfection and to look after new, efficient and convenient methods to brew delicious coffee. All for a single reason: to get the best in a cup, whilst being conscious of the environmental impact.

This new range of speciality coffee capsules is the new wave in the market, where coffee junkies can enjoy a nice cup of life elixir without being bothered with measuring water temperatures, grinding beans or weighing precise doses. Pretty much like being a unicorn in a field of horses, those who wish they could mainline a shot of happiness directly into the veins must know that this generation of capsules is also aluminium, PVDC, OGM, BPA free and 100% biodegradable that turn into pixie dust in just twelve weeks.


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